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Are you looking for professional podiatry therapists to get your bunions and calluses treated? Get in touch with the experts at Health & Harmony Stanmore for treatments to suit you.

Role of a podiatrist

  • To gain knowledge on underlying pathologies and categorising them into low, medium and high risk.
  • Wound care (includes debridement and redressing with appropriate dressing)
  • Treatment of nail pathologies, viruses, fungal infections, lesions as well as foot and heel pain
  • Treatment of rheumatoid and diabetic foot
  • Undertaking biomechanical assessments, diagnosing and suggest a treatment plan
  • Producing orthotics
  • Footwear assessment
  • Treatment of neuropathic ulcers and charcot deformities
  • Undertaking neurological and vascular assessments
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For appropriate treatment of bunions, calluses and more, call us on 
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Health tips and facts about your feet

  • Wash your feet in warm and soapy water. Dry them thoroughly - especially between the toes.
  • Wearing wrong footwear or badly fitting shoes cause 70% of foot problems.
  • The average person walks about 10,000 steps a day.
  • One quarter of the bones in your body are found in your feet. When these are out of alignment, the rest of the body is not balanced as well.
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Visit our podiatry clinic today

Our podiatrist Serena Peirce has several years of experience in the trade and has built an excellent reputation for offering the best in podiatry services in Stanmore.

Health & Harmony Stanmore also offers sports therapy and acupuncture treatments. For our services, contact us today.
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